The Attebury Grain, LLC paid internship is a 12 week program, running from May to August. Our interns will experience the Grain industry from the Elevator to the Merchant trade table, focusing the majority of their time in their area of interest. Each intern will have a specific agenda tailored to their interests. Interns will travel to various locations in the state of Texas to further their education of the grain business. Interns will meet with the Human Resource Coordinator before moving to the next department.

Requirements for consideration into the Attebury Grain, LLC internship program.

Experience and Education: (exceptions will be considered with substantial justification) Deadlines for 2016 Summer Internship:

            March 4th-Application packets must be submitted to or mailed to:

   PO Box 2707
   Attn: Lacy Diaz
   Amarillo, TX 79105

            March 11th-Chosen applicants will be notified of available interview slots

            April 1st-Applicants awarded internships will be notified.

            April 8th -Applicants must accept/decline

Download Application Packet